Rescue at Rivenroar BtS

Reskinned the guard drake as a large hound, the rage drakes as carnivorous apes, and the needlefangs swarms as weasel swarms. Said that the wererats were gnome wererats. (Using short swords, no change in stats necessary)

Removed the random ooze “trap” and the accompanying spectre. Removed the ettercaps. (They were in the MIDDLE of the various hobgoblin areas.)

Moved the demon room and the gnome arcanist room to the right side of the map, so most of the gnome areas were connected, and that there wouldn’t be a whole bunch of encounters AFTER Sinruth and the undead.

Rather than make the PCs into grave robbers, put the treasure into the hands of their opponents. Gnome arcanist had a +1 orb of inevitable continuance, hobgoblin archer had a +1 point blank longbow, one of the hobgoblin soldiers had a +1 lullaby flail, boneshard skeleton had a +1 parrying scimitar (which it successfully used), and Sinruth had +1 battleforged plate (didn’t change his AC, and since monsters don’t have second winds, didn’t use the daily – though considering his bad performance, kind of wish I had.) There was also a mithral shield in the wight’s chamber.

After the PCs retreated the first time, moved the remaining gnomes & dire rats (Raven Queen temple) to the “gnome side.” The remaining hobs on the first floor moved to guard the entrance. Mirtala was first moved into the crypt with Jarissa, then given over to the undead. The fountain beside which Thurann was hiding I said was emitting a minor holy aura, which wouldn’t have prevented the undead from approaching, but it made it uncomfortable enough they didn’t patrol there. If a second rest period came without Thurann being rescued, he would have made some mistake which resulted in the ghouls catching him.

When I knew that the PCs would be facing the last room at full strength, I made the deathlock a death master, and added Mirtala as a zombie (died to a crit). Depending on the PCs which showed up, I was also prepared to put the specter, removed from the earlier encounter, into this one, and if the entire party showed up, give him the bodyguard template, but this did not happen.

Rescue at Rivenroar BtS

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